When humility fails, students suffer

Humility must be shown by those managing private colleges. The obligations made to students must be discharged whether or not the party making the promise is still the "owner" of a college. Humility fails when people treats students as numbers and not persons. Higher education is the marketing of hope and the fulfillment of dreams. In this case the marketing of “hope” was very effectively carried out but the fulfillment of dreams left much to be desired.


Best choice for college ever in 2017 for SPM holders

Similar to their seniors of the past few years, SPM 2016 cohort is also in the “buyer’s market” but with one distinct advantage. The SPM 2016 cohort is enjoying greater scholarship awards at more generous terms in 2017. With private institutions of higher learning in 2017 facing more severe competition among themselves he common strategy seems to be to offer scholarships to attract the best students. SPM 2016 cohort who are college hunting perhaps are well advised to follow the six tips offered by this article.