Learning to “read” classical Chinese paintings

This piece was extracted from one of the final assignments of a Massive Open Online Course, China Humanities: The Individuals in Chinese Culture from Harvard University that I have just completed successfully. In this essay (which this post is derived from), I tried to interpret the painting named “Fish and Fish Hawk” by Zhu Da (朱耷) (1626-1705). I was elated when my essay was one of the work picked up by Professor Peter Bol, the lead academic for this MOOC for the final discussion of this course!


The simplest of solutions may be the best

I have proven in this story that the simplest of all possible solutions is in fact the best and cheapest too. Read how I spent just RM500 (US$125 or less) to put in a system to safeguard the authenticity & security of my former university college's academic testamurs.