Malaysia’s Compact Calendar 2018 


I discovered that in the first version of my shared files, I had, for some reasons missed out Awal Muharram which will fall on Tue, September 11, 2018. This oversight has been rectified and the new version of both Excel and PDF files have been uploaded. Thousands apologies to all who have downloaded the previous version. BTW, the week from Sep 08 to Sep 11 would be a week for the employees because if you can take Sep 12 – 14 off (3 days), you will have a full 10 consecutive days of holidays! This is because Sep 16 (Malaysia Day) falls on a Sun and Mon, Sep 17 will be a replacement holiday. Great news for employees, nightmare for bosses and managers!


I had prepared my Compact Calendar 2018 based on David Seah’s invention for a good few weeks when the official announcement on public holidays for 2018 was made by the power that be. I could not finalize my Malaysian version of Compact Calendar 2018 (optimized for Selangor State) due to be need to wait for the announcement by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia which happened on Oct 05, 2017.

I have given instructions on how my version of Compact Calendar can be optimized if you do not live (work) in Selangor in my 2017 posting on the same topic and will not be repeated here.

To download the editable Excel file, please click this link. For the Compact Calendar 2018 customized for Selangor State in PDF format, please click here.


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